Amy: Beyond the Stage

Design Museum Exhibition

On loan to the Design Museum, Tracey presents an original and never exhibited before piece of Amy Winehouse memorabilia, the iconic beehive.

Styled and on loan by Tracey specifically for the London exhibition.
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Amy: Beyond the Stage

Professional Hair Stylist Tracey Cahoon designed Amy’s hair between 2003 and 2010 and was central to defining the singers beehive. On display here is the ‘Trademark Beehive’ styled by Cahoon for the music video for the single ’You Know I’m No Good’, directed by Phil Griffin in 2007. The wig was prepared using mousse, then set with heated rollers, before being shaped through back combing. To blend the wig seamlessly with Amy’s hairline, her own fringe sits neatly against the piece. The look was then held in place with hairspray and then distressed to make it appear slightly unkempt, distinguishing Amy’s beehive from more polished vintage equivalents.

Trademark Beehive
Styled By Tracey Cahoon


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Original polaroid ( *not in the exhibition ) is the first ever shoot where the beehive was first styled and captured on film with photographer Phil Knott.